Customized 100% Human Hair Lashes  


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25/11/2019 2:21 am  
High Quality Human Hair Lashes are made from 100% sterillized Human Hair materials. Human Hair Material is closer to our real lashes, so are popular with many customers. It can be used for daily makeup. Customized lash style and private label is available.
This eyelash is made from 100% sterile vegetarian hair and does not contain any chemical treatments or dyes. Each eyelash is slim, reusable, long lasting and easy to apply, suitable for any occasion. Our hair dyeing agents blend seamlessly with natural eyelashes and are perfect for everyday wear. In addition, it is light and fluffy with an invisible belt for the most realistic and natural look, and of course a soft black cotton belt.
1. All of our eyelashes are not tested on animals.
2. These eyelashes are 100% free of residue and are made of synthetic packaging in environmentally friendly packaging.
3. These eyelashes can be used multiple times with proper care and cleaning.
4. Various styles and densities, suitable for all kinds of eye shapes, look and feel real.
5. High quality and eyelash design make the application simple and ensure a perfect fit.
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